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Save space simplifying stock control.

A good logistics allow measuring the stock level to be able to cover the needs for the production process.

Prepared manufacturers are able to respond to the markets dynamism, saving space, production costs and removing unnecesary material manupulation.

Roll storage carrousel
Product highlights


The right tool for cutting.

Conveyorized flatbed cutter

Automatic cutting machine that adapts itself to all kinds of materials guaranteeing productivity, flexibility and an exceptional cutting quality.

Its tools allow for cutting, punching, marking or drawing.



The perfection in spreading.

Programmable spreading machine

Every fabric has its characteristics; OTEMAN brings you solutions for spreading.

The versatility of the Synergy, makes that there is no other machine in the market that is able to adapt itself better to the current production environments.

Trade shows

r+t 201524.02.2015

R+T 2015

Leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors, gates and sun protection systems.


techtextil 05.05.2015


International trade fair for the technical textiles and nonwoven industries.


Maquinaria textil cortadoras extendedoras