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Cutting and Spreading Technology

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Fa­bric sprea­ding is essential in the pro­duc­tion pro­cess to ob­tai­n a high qua­lity final pro­duct.

OTE­MAN's in­no­va­ti­ve sprea­ding ma­chi­nes, de­sig­ned from a con­cept of mo­du­la­rity, allow you to start with a basic ma­chi­ne that can be ex­ten­ded de­pen­ding on your fu­tu­re re­qui­re­ments to be­co­me a fully pro­gram­ma­ble ma­chi­ne with an au­to­ma­tic loa­ding and th­rea­ding sys­tem. 

Save time, automate your cutting room with our automatic spreading solutions!