Synergy 500 - programmable spreader with cradle feed


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Aeronautic &
automotive solutions

Programmable fa­bric sprea­der with crad­le-​feed and au­to­ma­tic th­rea­ding. The Synergy is a powerful solution to spread matresses feeding a multi-ply cutting machine to extend materials for the automotive and aeronautic sector such as foams, laminated fabrics, carpet, canvas and airbag materials.

Its crad­le fee­ding sys­tem re­qui­res no axle for loa­ding and ope­ra­ting, so rolls can be chan­ged qui­ckly, re­sol­ving the cu­rrent needs for pro­duc­tion en­vi­ron­ments.

Synergy can be complemented by a loader to make easier the loading of heavy rolls from the floor to the spreader.

Specially designed to support up to 500 kg.


Characteristics + info

  • Ultra fast roll chan­ge.
  • Au­to­ma­tic th­rea­ding sys­tem.
  • Real-​ti­me ten­sion con­trol.
  • CAN Bus te­ch­no­logy.
  • Mi­cro­pro­ces­sor con­tro­lled.
  • Pro­gram­ma­ble control from a PC.
  • Max. roll dia­me­ter: 100 cm - 120 cm.