Sharp CV


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Apparel & 
home textile solutions  

Sharp CV au­to­ma­tic cut­ting ma­chi­ne is design to satisfy production needs for the apparel and home textiles industry. Equipped with a conveyor system, the materials can be fed to the cutting table directly from the roll. The result is a completely automated cutting process.

This ma­chi­ne is a ver­sa­ti­le tool to cut complex shapes whilst minimising waste. It's the optimal automatic cutting solution for materials such as: wool, cottons, denims, polyester, nylon and others to obtain final products such as:


  • Workwear
  • Swimwear
  • Wedding dresses
  • Prêt-à-porter
  • Footwear
  • Insole


Characteristics + info

  • Suc­tion sys­tem to ob­tain ex­ce­lent cut­ting qua­lity.
  • Wide range of tools avai­la­ble to cut, punch, mark or plot.
  • Con­ti­nuous cut­ting and eva­cua­tion of fa­bric cut.
  • Real­ti­me cut­ting pro­cess vi­sua­li­za­tion.
  • Cut­ting op­ti­mi­za­tion.
  • Low main­tai­nan­ce.
  • Com­pa­ti­ble with the wi­dest range of exis­ting CAD sys­tems, allo­wing the usage of HPGL/ISO/DXF files.
  • Avai­la­ble in dif­fe­rent widths and lengths.
  • Easy and friendly user in­ter­fa­ce.