Cutting and Spreading Technology

Industry solutions

Com­po­si­te ma­te­rials experienced an in­crea­sed usage thanks to their spe­ci­fic cha­rac­te­ris­tics such as: an­ti-brea­ka­ge, re­sis­tan­ce to tem­pe­ra­tu­re chan­ges, hard­ness, etc. but the com­pli­ca­ted pro­ces­sing, which in many cases is ma­nual, and high raw ma­te­rial cost should be take into ac­count.

OTE­MAN of­fers so­lu­tions to solve the spe­ci­fic re­qui­re­ments for in­dus­trial en­gi­nee­ring sec­tor. Our high-tech solutions cut the most difficult materials such as Kevlar, Nomex, fiber glass, geotextiles, composites, high-tech polymers, rubber etc. to be used in different applications:


  •  Agricultural covers
  •  Renewable energies
  •  Truck Tarpaulins
  •  Medical and orthopedic applications
  •  Sails and nautic applications
  •  Military and protective devices
  •  Road draining flooring
  •  Green roofs
  •  Reinforced walls
  •  Filtration
  •  Drainage 
  •  Acoustic insulation
  •  Tension structures