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Cutting and Spreading Technology

Au­to­ma­tic cut­ting ma­chi­ne for ro­ller sha­des, aw­nings and nets. Easy to use and highly pro­duc­ti­ve, cuts acri­lic fa­brics per­fectly squa­red.


  • Trans­ver­sal and lon­gi­tu­di­nal cut­ting (x-y).
  • Cut­ting head equi­ped with knife. (Op­tio­na­lly ul­tra­so­nic).
  • Sizes can be pro­gram­med.
  • Au­to­ma­tic ten­sion free fa­bric fee­ding.
  • De­vi­ce for ro­lling up screens.
  • High pro­duc­ti­vity.
  • Crad­le fee­der.