Service and Support


Cutting and Spreading Technology

We know how important our products are to your business, after all, your production process may depend on them. We are committed to keeping your machinery performing, day in, day out to ensure that you are productive. If you have a query, encounter some difficulty, or just need a helping hand, our support team is ready to help.


OTE­MAN Ser­vi­ce has a spa­res store with im­me­dia­te avai­la­bi­lity for all the pie­ces of their ma­chi­nes. Our spa­res de­part­ment as­su­res fast de­li­very; in this way you will have them when you need them and avoid equip­ment stop­pa­ges and waits.

The te­ch­ni­cal in­for­ma­tion and the de­tai­led ex­plo­ded view of the com­po­nents pro­vi­ded in all the equip­ment, allow you to iden­tify in a fast and easy way the right spare part in any mo­ment.


OTE­MAN has a trai­ning cen­ter avai­la­ble for both soft­wa­re pro­ducts and pro­duc­tion equip­ment. The cour­ses are realized by ex­pert tea­ching staff allo­wing you to work in a co­rrect way, sa­ving time and money.

Hotline service

En OTE­MAN has a hot line avai­la­ble to ans­wer all te­ch­ni­cal ser­vi­ce doubts. Our ex­pert staff will give you a so­lu­tion in a real time re­gar­ding re­pairs, ma­te­rial re­quests, equip­ment usage doubts... You will have sup­port at the mo­ment you need it.