27 M


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Awnings & tensile
structures solutions

Manual roll slit­ting ma­chi­ne de­sig­ned for cutting in an optimal way technical fabrics such PTFE coated fiberglass, PVC, PVDF, screen, laminates, acrylic fiberglass coated with resins, acrylics, etc.

27 MA slitting machine has been projected to support heavy rolls jumbo type and large volumes of work, saving time and increasing productivity.


Characteristics + info

  • Bow saw sys­tem equip­ped with a straight blade which allows fric­tion free cut­ting.
  • Roll cutting widths and quantities programming system.
  • Variable roll rotation speed.
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting head.
  • Inverter system for roll rotation.
  • Special machine widths available.