27 P


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Awnings & tensile
structures solutions

The programmable roll slitting machine 27 P has been designed to cut rolls of different fabrics and materials of varied diameters in different strip widths. The advanced technology used in this robust slitting machine allows cutting in an optimal quality for materials such as PTFE coated fiberglass, PVC, PVDF, screen, laminates, acrylics, etc. used in the textile architecture and sun protection industries.


Characteristics + info

  • PLC control.
  • Roll cutting widths and quantities programming system.
  • Programmable blade sharpener.
  • Variable roll rotation speed.
  • Axle to support the roll.
  • Automatic positioning of the cutting head.
  • Variable blade speed and cutting head lowering.
  • Inverter system for roll rotation.
  • Special machine widths available.