Synergy - automatic spresing machine requiring no axle


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Upholstery solutions

Programmable fa­bric sprea­ding ma­chi­ne with crad­le-​feed and au­to­ma­tic th­rea­ding. The Synergy is a powerful solution to spread matresses feeding a multi-ply cutting machine to extend materials for the upholstery sector to produce sofas, cushions and chairs.

Its crad­le fee­ding sys­tem re­qui­res no axle for loa­ding and ope­ra­ting, so rolls can be chan­ged qui­ckly, re­sol­ving the cu­rrent needs for pro­duc­tion en­vi­ron­ments.

Synergy can be complemented by a loader that makes it easier to load heavy rolls from the floor to the spreader.

Specially designed to support up to 100 kg, available also for rolls up to 200 kg and 300 kg.


Characteristics + info

  • Ultra fast roll chan­ge.
  • Au­to­ma­tic th­rea­ding sys­tem.
  • Real-ti­me ten­sion con­trol.
  • Irre­gu­lar spread pro­gram­ming: di­men­sions, quan­ti­ties, sizes and fa­brics.
  • CAN Bus te­ch­no­logy.
  • Mi­cro­pro­ces­sor con­tro­lled.
  • Can be con­nec­ted to LCS (La­ying Con­trol Sys­tem) for total cut­ting room ma­na­ge­ment and con­trol.
  • Pro­gram­ma­ble from a PC.