Sharp CV - Technical Fabrics


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Automatic cut­ting ma­chi­ne de­sig­ned to cut­ small pro­duc­tions or made to mea­su­re with a big va­riety in technical fa­brics. Allows to cut perfectly-shaped elements and minimize area of non-used materials.

Trought its versatility owing to the wide range of tools available, can be used in many different industries and apllications. Some of the materials cut with precision by the machine are : PVC, foam laminated, woven roving, aramid, carpet, honeycomb, vynils, geotextiles, nomex, nylon and more. 


    • Con­ti­nuous cut­ting and eva­cua­tion of fa­bric cut.
    • Real­ti­me cut­ting pro­cess vi­sua­li­za­tion.
    • Cut­ting op­ti­mi­za­tion.
    • Low main­tai­nan­ce.
    • Com­pa­ti­ble with the wi­dest range of exis­ting CAD sys­tems, allo­wing the usage of HPGL/ISO/DXF files.
    • Avai­la­ble in dif­fe­rent widths and lengths.
    • Crad­le feed sys­tem de­sig­ned to work syn­ch­ro­ni­zed with the cut­ting ma­chi­ne.
    • Easy and friendly user in­ter­fa­ce.