Sharp CV L Automatic leather cutting machine


Cutting and Spreading Technology

Au­to­ma­tic cut­ting ma­chi­ne with con­ve­yo­ri­zed table, spe­cia­lly de­sig­ned to fa­ci­li­ta­te cut­ting leat­her pie­ces optimitzating the material.

The sys­tem per­mits po­si­tio­ning the pat­terns to be cut in­ter­ac­ti­vely on the hide thanks to it's video pro­jec­tion sys­tem, to ob­tain the ma­xi­mum ef­fi­ciency.


  • Syn­ch­ro­ni­zed nes­ting and cut­ting pro­ces­ses.
  • Fast and pre­ci­se qua­lity zone and hide de­fect di­gi­ti­zing.
  • High con­trast pro­jec­tion sys­tem, gi­ving an op­ti­mal vi­sua­li­za­tion even under ad­ver­se illu­mi­na­tion con­di­tions, ca­li­bra­ted for ma­xi­mum pre­ci­sion.
  • In­tui­ti­ve user in­ter­fa­ce op­ti­mi­zed to work com­for­ta­bly and agile in a pro­duc­tion en­vi­ron­ment.
  • Large size screen near the cut­ting table's bor­der for a com­ple­te over­view of the pro­jec­ted area.
  • Suc­tion sys­tem to ob­tain ex­ce­lent cut­ting qua­lity.
  • Wide range of tools avai­la­ble to cut, punch, mark or plot.
  • Con­ti­nous cut­ting and eva­cua­tion sys­tem for cut leat­her.
  • Real­ti­me cut­ting pro­cess vi­sua­li­za­tion.
  • Cut­ting op­ti­mi­za­tion.
  • Low main­tai­nan­ce.
  • Com­pa­ti­ble with the wi­dest range of exis­ting CAD sys­tems, allo­wing the usage of HPGL/ISO/DXF files.
  • Avai­la­ble in dif­fe­rent widths and lengths.
  • Crad­le feed sys­tem de­sig­ned to work syn­ch­ro­ni­zed with the cut­ting ma­chi­ne.