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The robotized roll storage system enables the organized storage of rolls of all types of flexible materials: PVC, technical fabrics, screens, film, acrylic canvas, vinyls, carpets, home textiles, etc.

The rotary storage unit is automatically controlled, allowing the desired roll to be located quickly, safely and efficiently

This carousel is built in 1, 2 or 3 towers and according to the customer’s needs, depending on the weights, diameters and the number of rolls to store. Various options are available. It saves space and simplifies inventory control.

Materials and applications

roll storage carroussel to optimse the warehouse
organize the roll stock with a storage caroussel
roll storage caroussel to organize the warehouse
roll storage caroussel
roll storage available in one, two, three towers

Roll storage available in 1, 2 or 3 towers

reduce costs with a roll storage caroussel

Vertical storage available in 1, 2 or 3 towers, the loading capacity is determined by the average diameter of the rolls and the height of the carousel. We optimize your space, simplify stock control of all types of technical materials, felt, EPDM, vinyl, carpets, PVC, acrylic tarpaulins!

Storage specialits
• Save space
• Simplify stock
• Up-to-date material inventory

roll storage caroussel
Oteman roll storage caroussel to organize your warehouse

OTEMAN robotic carousels can work synchronously with automatic cutting machines, laser cutters and also with puller systems to stack all types of technical fabrics, 3D fabrics, fibreglass, etc. There is also the possibility of incorporating the flexible belt cradle, which we can program the desired length for winding and cutting.

optimize time and reduce costs organizing your roll stock

Control software provides the operator with real time roll information

real time roll information

OTEMAN's automated roll stores allow you to keep your stock under control at any time, knowing the remaining footage of each roll. It is a real Industry 4.0 solution. It offers the ability to integrate with your ERP system, ensuring real-time traceability of your entire coil inventory.

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