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Which technology is most suited to my production needs?

We perform an analysis of your production and make the most appropriate proposal.
All our cutting equipment incorporate different technologies applicable to all types of materials and sectors:

  • Cold cutting: blade, crush, shear y razor.
  • Laser cutting.
  • Ultrasonic laser.
Where are OTEMAN machines manufactured?

Our headquarters are in Barcelona. This is where we develop and build our machines.

Can we test my materials on the equipments prior to purchase?

Yes, we always perfom tests. They help to show the functions and capabilities of the equipment. We can cut a wide variety of materials: textiles, foam rubber, acrylic fabric, plastics, composites, etc.

Where can I test the machine before purchasing?

We have a 1,500 m2 showroom, very well equipped, with all models of machines and technologies. Our specialists are ready to make a real test with your materials and recommend you the best solution.

What are the main advantages of implementing OTEMAN solutions?

The automation of the cutting process is very important, because it increases the quality of the final product considerably. It also helps a lot in the absence of specialised professionals. We achieve high precision and reliability in less time.

If I need a customised project, can you help me?

Indeed, we have a powerful team of engineers. Together we will analyse your project and needs in order to propose the best solution.

Through which channels can I order spare parts?

We have three very direct channels:
1- E-mail: sat@oteman.com
2-Whatsapp +34621298152.
3- Through our network of collaborators.

Can Sharp models cut any shape and design?

Yes, they are very versatile machines. They can cut any type of shape (2D) and import files in DXF format from all existing softwares on the market.

Do Sharp conveyor automatics have cutting limits on the pattern size?

The only condition is the usable width of the machine, which is determined by the maximum width of the material. The length of the template is unlimited.

What materials can a Sharp laser cut and what cutting quality does it offer?

Basically all types of materials, specifically those that require selvedge sealing, avoiding fraying and obtaining a high quality cut as there is no friction with the material.

Can roll slitters cut all types of materials?

OTEMAN has different lines of roll slitting machines. Each material needs to be processed differently. We always recommend the best choice, which will be determined by the application, technical characteristics of the material, quality and required cutting accuracy. You shall never buy without a cutting test beforehand.

Are there solutions for cutting technical fabrics, composites, etc.?

At OTEMAN we are specialists in all types of cutting and stacking solutions for a wide range of materials and fabrics. There are solutions for longitudinal and transversal cutting, stacking or automatic picking up of the material. Also feeding the cutting equipment with the roll magazine or feeder that is best suited to each production environment.

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