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Models 26 and 27 are designed to cut rolls of varying diameters, weights and lenghts, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your roll storage.

They allow the roll to be cut to the desired width at the moment you need it, simplifying your supply of all types of materials: fabric, lycra, geotextiles, non-wovens, synthetic leather, rubber, fibreglass, carpets, adhesives, PVC, etc.

Special widths available up to 6 meters and rolls weights up to 800 Kg.

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Materials and applications

Roll sltting machines samples
Materials cut by Oteman machines
carbon fiber cut
Agrotech industry: geotextiles, filtration
Roll slitting machines
Roll slitter machines Oteman. Precision with Stability

The 27 series, high cutting precision, equipped with fixing shaft.

The 26 series is equipped with rollers, allowing fast loading and unloading of rolls.

Roll slitter designed to cut rolls of varying diameters, weights and lenghts

Our slitting machines are modular and flexible to meet the most diverse materials and sectors: clothing, canvas, truck tarpaulins, textile architecture, high - speed doors, awnings, greenhouses, geomembranes, advertising banners, home textile.

Programmable roll slitter touch screen

Fully programmable or semi-automatic.

automatic roll slitting machines

Model 27 C, cutting precision in woven and knitted fabric strips.

programable roll slitting machines
samples of a roll cut by a oteman slitter

Specialists in cutting very difficult fabrics such as lycra, chiffon, silk, satin, crepe, tulle, used in bridal fashion, corsetry and swimwear.

oteman machine shaft with samples from a slit coil

The right tool for every application.

cutting disc
cutting tools

Our know-how and experience in the cutting of all types of materials allows us to meet all our customers needs.

Loading systems for all types of rolls and weights.

jumbo roll
roll ready to cut by a oteman slitter machine
roll elevator

All types of loaders, for heavy materials, Jumbo type rolls, etc., completed with a wide range of rewinding systems.

Highly skilled Engineering team; we customise your project and provide excellent sollutions.

Oteman engineer's computer screen
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