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The SHARP C-LA laser cutter is a compact and robust machine, manufactured with high quality components to guarantee maximum reliability. Precise and high-speed , it cuts all types of materials, making it the ideal solution for the most demanding applications on the market. Material movement is prevented by the absence of contact with the tool. It allows cutting in a single process, obtaining high precision in external profiles as well as internal ones.

In the absence of tool wear, the cutting quality is constant, without deformations of the material, and cauterized edges preventing fiber fraying.

Available in two versions: static and conveyor, customizable in different widths and lengths. The conveyorized version allows automating the process, feeding the roll of material directly onto the laser cutting table and transfering the pieces cut to the sorting area, making it very easy to cut long cutting jobs or big pieces. 

Laser technology offers a wide range of technical possilities for processing technical materials, of applications in automotive industry, filtration, sunm protection, sail making, furniture or composites.

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Materials and applications

Laser cutting systems
hot air balloon
ballistic vests, aircraft covers and restraints, tents
Nonwoven filters
bride fabrics
computer screen showing how oteman's software optimizes cutting space

Intuitive and operator-friendly interface.

oteman laser cutter fume extraction system
laser cutter protection barriers

Frictionless cutting, consistent quality, no material deformation, selvedge cauterization.

zoom of the static head of an oteman laser cutting machine
filtration industry production
laser cutter connected to roll feeder

Roll feeders for all types materials of different widhts, diameters and weights.

flexible belt feeder cradle
touch screen for easy operation of oteman machines
Vertical roll feeder with one tower

Vertical roll storage carousel: save space and simplify stock management.

computer screen showing workflow and material optimization
man with a bar code scanner to streamline manufacturing processes
optimization of the cutting surface

Software for all types of applications ad customised projects to accelerate your production.

OTEMAN offers various software modules to make your workflow more efficient: creation of cutting orders, material optimization, job preparation and job management. Ranging from DXF file cutting jobs to specific modules for leather cutting or image processing, OTEMAN can also provide customized solutions to integrate your ERP sysem or your Industry 4.0 solution.

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