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The SHARP compact and robust automatic cutting machine from the OTEMAN is manufactured with high quality components to guarantee maximum reliability. Precise and versatile, this cutting table can cut all kinds of materials in the most diverse shapes, obtaining high productivity and an excellent finish of the final product. Available in two versions: static and conveyor, configurable in different widths and lengths.

The conveyorized version allows automating the process, feeding the roll of material directly onto the laser cutting table and transfering the pieces cut to the sorting area, making it very easy to cut long cutting jobs or big pieces.

The nesting module automatically places the pieces to be cut, optimising the material and minimising the cutting time. It allows the cutting process to be visualised in real time, as well as the job queue. It supports files in DXF format and other formats available on the market, by identifying them with a barcode or QR code. The multifunctional cutter has a wide range of tools for cutting, marking, punching and drawing. For the processing of pre-printed materials, we can optionally integrate a camera system that facilitates the recording of the parts.

Materials and applications

hot air balloon
PVC industrial doors
Nonwoven filters
Sun screen roll-up
Automotive industry: door panels, seats, carpets, truck liners
home textiles
PVC pool protector, pool liners

Multifunctional / accurate / easy to integrate into your production process.

single-ply cutting machine in process of cutting PVC for the pool and wellness industry
sharp cv automatic cutting machine buttons
single-ply digital cutter that supports files in DXF format and others
cutting head with all available tools

Powerful cutting head with a wide range of tools available.

SHARP CV automatic cutting machine head tooling exploded views
examples of precise cutting, both on internal and external profiles

High cutting precision for all types of materials: linig, fabric, knitting, cardboard, composite sheets, polypropylene, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, pre-impregnated fiberglass, composites, vinyls, rubber or leather.

roll feeder integrated with sharp cv single-ply cutter

Roll feeders for industry, textile architecture, nautical, filtration, pools, up to 2000 kg

roll feeder detail
feeder supporting jumbo rolls up to 2000kg
Leather cutting machine with computer vision system to identify leather defects

SHARP CV-L, the high performance solution for leather cutting.

Bar code reader
man marking a defect in leather

SHARP CV-L, is designed for automatic cuting of a high volume of leather. Its camera system captures the profile of the hide on the cutting table, automatically detecting flaws and quality zones previously identified. The automatic optimization allows the patterns / moulds / templates to be positioned, taking into account the defects and quality zones of the hide in the most efficient way. This single layer cutter is available in 1, 2  or 3 working stations: preparation area, cutting area and sorting area.

Computer screen showing how to place the patterns in an optimized manner

Software solutions for all kinds of applications and customized projects.

digitalization of a pattern
OTEMAN offers tailor-made solutions for integrating your ERP system

OTEMAN offers various software modules to make your workflow more efficient: creation of cutting orders, maerial optimization, job preparation and job management. Ranging from DXF file cutting jobs to specific modules for leather cutting or image processing. OTEMAN can also provide customized solutions to integrate your ERP system or your Industry 4.0 solution.

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