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OTEMAN is a company with enough experience to develop high-tech products that places it in a privileged position on an international level. But OTEMAN is more than just a cutting-edge cutting products industry. It provides service to customers on a permanent basis, from the moment the purchase is formalised and throughout the long life of our machines.

Personalised and permanent attention

Productivity in a company is the result of the sum of different factors. One of them, and a very important one, is the equipment maintenance. Our technical service is distinguished by its experience, preparation and speed. We are proud of it and we emphasise it as one of the elements that make us different.

We train our customers

Time is money and efficiency is a precious commodity. To get the most out of our cutting machines, there is nothing better than to improve training with our specialised staff. We have a training centre where you will prove that it is possible to save time and money with good training, both in terms of software products and production equipment.

What makes us different?

Spare parts

In the event of any technical eventuality, your equipment needs to be brought back into production as soon as possible. Aware of this, OTEMAN Service undertakes to deliver the part within a maximum of 24 hours. The technical documentation and the detailed exploded view of each machine makes it easy to identify the spare part you need at any given moment.

Rapid technical Support

Technology allows us to provide a very fast support service. Whether via videoconference, digital messaging (whatsapp and telegram), email or telephone, our technical service will always offer you the best solution. Our support is guaranteed.

Our values

Our ideology incorporates three values, which are part of our essence: proximity, responsibility and honesty. Values that have been in OTEMAN's nature since its creation.

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